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2010年11月1日 星期一


Where to enter:

How to enter:

Base 1 > Complete Mine Mission > Castilla Ruin > Complete Relic Mission > Castilla Temple > Tower of Chaos Entrance

An Ancient Gold Relic is needed for the first time and more is needed for subsequence visits

1~3 times: 2 Ancient Gold Relic needed
4~6 times: 3 Ancient Gold Relic needed
7 times and more: 4 Ancient Gold Relic needed

Tower of Chaos consists of 11 mini bosses and a final boss. Same as the previous 2 mission, the mine and relic, there will be 4 eggs in one of the mini bosses room, players can delay the eggs from hatching by using Ancient Relic but be warn, using too much may in the end hatch the egg. Mini boss similar to the boss in that room will appear when the egg hatch, and will further slowing players down in killing the boss.

Upon advancing to room in I5, players will see a Strange NPC in the middle of the room and a Relic Exchanger beside it. When click on it, players will get choices to choose: 

If players choose to continue to explore, the Strange NPC will disappear and Cruise will appear. He will offer players a shortcut to C/D 7, skipping 2 bosses in the room but with a price of 10 Ancient Gold Relic

If players choose to stop exploring, the Strange NPC will ask to offer help to players. If the offer is accepted, The Strange NPC will disappear and several Strange Npcs will appear around the room. Players will be able to get additional random buff from the Strange NPCs using 1 Ancient Relic and the Strange NPC will disappear. (The buff does not stack)

If players still chooses to stop exploring, the mission will end as mission accomplished

(Tip: Depending on your squad, you may select either options which are beneficial. Make decisions quickly)

Mini Bosses Stats

Final Boss and Stats:

The final boss of the Chaos Tower is Queen of Valkyrie, she will have three forms. In her first form, she will use magic skills and there will be serval minions with her.

After reducing her hp, she will transform to her second form and which uses melee skills and also she will summon another wave of minions.

When her hp is being reduce furthermore, she will teleport to the center and disappear. After that the Strange NPC will appear again in the center and offer players choice to either continue or stop. If players choose to continue, they will be teleport to face off with the final form of the boss. 

If players choose to stop, the Strange NPC will offer to help and if accepted, 4 Strange NPCs will appear in the area and players can get random buff from it using 3 Ancient Relic and it does not disappear after giving players buffs. Therefore, players can continue to receive the buff from them until they get the buff they want. (The buff is not stackable) If they choose to stop again, the mission will end as mission accomplished.

When players chooses to continue, they will warp to the final room and face off with the final form of Queen of Valkyrie, this time there is no minions summoned but defeating her will be a difficult mission.

Treasure Box will drop from Chaos Dominator, Beholder, Dark Gemini and the Queen of Valkyrie. The two items from roulette system will be given to each player participating in the mission.

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